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21 Castlereagh Road
County Antrim

Phone: 028 9073 1010

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We used Japura from it was established and initially it was satisfactory however the service we received declined somewhat over time. My relatively new Volvo failed MOT after a service, my partner's car had the cable of the lid broken the day prior to MOT and a couple of other broken issues plus failed MOT. When the owner was approached re the issues I was informed by my partner he became belligerent, rude and extremely personal and his way in dealing with this was unacceptable and unprofessional. I would definitely NOT recommend this garage as Belfast is full of professional and competent garages but not Japura. This is how the owner treated us after supporting him from establishment of his business which has been disappointing to say the least

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The owner had been doing work on our cars for a lengthy period and for some unknown reason the quality of the work deteriorated to a very poor standard. I did not personally speak to the Manager but I have been informed by my partner he was down right rude and personal when challenged in relation to my relatively new car failing MOT re his lack of a proper service plus other issues on a second car. I will never, nor would I recommend using Japura again as this was actually not the first decline in service but the first to be challenged. I am most annoyed at inappropriate and unprofessional comments made and disappointed at the treatment after having supported the owner from the initial stage of establishing his business

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